An interview with the Latvian Foreign Minister: Ukraine receives Western weapons approved for use against Russia

Baiba Braže, Latvia’s new Foreign Minister and former NATO Deputy Secretary General, has made Ukraine her priority for her first bilateral visit.

In an interview, she openly acknowledged Ukraine’s receipt of Western weapons with permission to attack Russia, emphasizing the legitimacy of such attacks.

Braže stressed the need for political unity within Ukraine and continued international support, stating that weapons alone are not sufficient for victory.

Baiba Braže (Credits: Lennart Meri Conference – International Center for Defense and Security)

She cited Margaret MacMillan’s insights on wars, noting that protracted conflicts require different tactics and resilience. Braže emphasized the importance of Latvian support for Ukraine, emphasizing that the country is not alone in its struggle and that victory goes beyond military efforts.

Regarding Russia’s intentions, Braže firmly stated that Russia must be expelled from Ukraine and that discussions about possible attacks on NATO countries are hypothetical. She emphasized NATO’s adaptation to Russian hybrid war tactics and the importance of awareness and preparedness.

Baiba Braže (Credits:

Regarding future support to Ukraine, Braže outlined Latvia’s commitment to allocate 0.25% of its GDP annually to Ukrainian defense. She emphasized the dynamic tailoring of support based on Ukraine’s changing needs, including investments in drone capabilities and other defense equipment.

Braže concluded by expressing Latvia’s continued support to Ukraine in various sectors, including rehabilitation, humanitarian assistance and infrastructure development. She affirmed the entire country’s solidarity with Ukraine and its sincere and comprehensive support.