Lionel Richie from American Idol is from the sister city of this ME Town

Lionel Richie has ties to Maine

American IdolLionel Ritchie’s Lionel Ritchie has a Maine tie, and he might not even know it.

In April 2017, a proclamation was made by the City Council of South Berwick, Maine stating that the cities of South Berwick, Maine and Tuskegee, Alabama have common ground. Common ground is the mission of the ‘sister city’.

As of this writing, Julia Gagnon of Cumberland, Maine, is a participant American Idol. Her father, Jim Gagnon is from South Berwick. Lionel Richie is from Tuskegee, Alabama. I’m a huge Julia fan, so I’m hoping this is another sign that she will be the next American Idol.

According to, the “common ground mission” is to shed light on the common spaces of the two communities among people of different races and backgrounds in order to build understanding for each other.

According to, the two communities are both the same size, are about to reach 200, and both grew under the cotton economy of the 19th century.

What a great idea for people to come together and find common ground, no matter where they live or what their background is. When it all comes down to it, I believe we are all the same. We all want our families to be safe and our children to be happy. Good food too. We can’t forget the food.

I heard about this sister city program from Michelle Richards, a friend of the Gagnon family from South Berwick, Maine.

Sister Cities has an organization based in Washington, DC. If you want to know more about it, click here.

Have you ever heard of a sister city?

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