Top 8 Cities in California People Actually Want to Move To

There are so many reports of people leaving California for their own reasons, but reports from people moving to Cali?

I mean, there are plenty of reasons why you would move from wherever they are Eureka State.


Whether you are moving for a new job, moving in with someone who already lives there, or starting a new life Californiaor for their own reasons, Forbes has a list of the best cities to move to in California.

Let’s see what these places have to offer.

Best Cities to Move to in California

San Diego

San Diego has an average housing cost of $2,191, a 96% employment rate, an average household salary of $74,349, pretty low on the crime scale compared to other places, and it has the warm Southern California sun and a cool zoo to boot! Enough reasons to move to San Diego.


Sacramento is nice if you want to live in California, but don’t like the whole ‘SoCal’ life. There is plenty to do in Sacramento as it is a farm-to-table style with average housing costs of $1,670 and a median household income of $74,926.


Fresno has everything you need from big cities in its smaller frame. People seem to love Fresno for that reason.

Los Angeles

Believe me, I’m surprised it’s on the list too. But it looks like people are indeed moving to the LA area.

Other cities in California are move to include San Jose, Bakersfield, San Francisco and Oakland, which round out the rest of the list.

Source: Forbes

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