Illinois superbug outbreak caused by eye drops has spread to dogs?

This is strange and even scientists don’t understand exactly how it happened, but an outbreak of superbugs via eye drops available in Illinois has now somehow spread to dogs.

The original recall of Global Pharma Healthcare eye drops by the Food and Drug Administration dates back to early February. These eye drops, available in Illinois and other states, also introduced a highly resistant virus that was so terrible that it caused 14 people to go blind and 4 to have their eyeballs removed.

Ars Technica reports that now this same virus has now been discovered in dogs. CBS News has confirmed this to be true, including at least two dogs in New Jersey now admitted to veterinary hospitals.

The question is: how on earth did dogs become infected with a deadly virus that originated in eye drops they have no connection with? It is not unheard of for some eye drops to be used on dogs with certain conditions.

This new outbreak and unusual spread of this terrifying virus is one reason it is now on the CDC watchlist for potential major problems in the future. Viruses that can spread from one species to another without known connections are obviously something to worry about. Hopefully these human and dog cases remain isolated and do not develop into a widespread crisis.

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