The most expensive parking garage in the US is now in New England

You will never believe how much these parking lots in Boston cost.

Before I tell you how much they cost, let me describe how I found out.

Whenever writers find a story they want to publish, at least in our business, we have to call “bibs.” AKA, we have a giant group chat where all the writers will say what they’re writing about that day.

When I saw a post on Instagram that parking spaces in Boston would cost $50,000 each, I called them immediately.

I thought, “50K for a parking spot is crazy…” but then I realized I had made a mistake.

Not one, but THREE parking spaces in Boston have been sold for 500,000 a year. So not $50,000, but $500,000.

That’s a damn mortgage.

Of course this cannot be true, but it is true.

The Brimmer Street Garage is located in Beacon Hill in Boston. Recently, three spots sold for half a million dollars. Not for all three, but for all of them.

The Brimmerstraat parking garage is nothing special. From the outside it looks like a normal garage. But for Beacon Hill folks, it’s prime parking real estate.

The new 500,000 parking spaces take over the previous record of 350,000 parking spaces.

According to an article in Boston City Properties, the previous record holder for the most expensive parking spot had a number of luxury amenities, such as a driver’s lounge, having your car ready for you when you arrive (after text message), and car details.

This place was located in the Charles Street garage.

With the new record spot selling for $150,000 MORE than the previous record, I have to assume there is some built-in luxury…and not JUST a good parking spot.

I’ll never know what it’s like to spend half a million dollars on a parking spot, but I can dream. That suction cup would be heated, come with a drinks machine and many more bells and whistles.

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