Why Idaho Republicans Keep Attacking Each Other

We are less than a month away from another vote for the Idaho primary. However, it is the general election in the Gem State. Democrats play no role in Idaho, with the exception of some liberal enclaves like Boise. We discussed the internal struggles of the Idaho Republican Party. The two most prominent factions are the establishment and the grassroots.

The establishment, with its financial and resource advantages, plays a crucial role in Idaho politics. If you’ve come across a door hanger or a mailbox, it most likely comes from the Republican establishment. These individuals are committed to maintaining Idaho’s business-friendly climate and derive a significant portion of their funding from the Gem State’s major corporations. Their primary responsibility is to protect the interests of these companies.

Grassroots candidates, who often underspend, demonstrate a tenacious spirit and a dedicated following. Their presence is felt on social media and in the community, advocating less government intervention and tax breaks for individuals, not companies. The The political arena may not always be fair, but these candidates are a testament to the enduring spirit of democracy.

The state’s top elected leaders have endorsed their preferred candidates. In other words, the governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, and state school superintendent believe you need their expert guidance in determining how to vote.

You can read more about who they support and why they are running in the primaries Education News from Idaho.

It’s America and everyone has an opinion. But do we really need our state’s top elected officials participating in a primary? A primary election should be decided by the candidates rather than by officials who must concentrate on their daily duties as representatives of the people.

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