Tugboat and barges almost collide with boat and dock in New Orleans

What a thrilling scene on the Mississippi River in New Orleans, Louisiana, when a tugboat and barges nearly collided with a steamboat and a wharf.

The dramatic images were captured on camera early Friday morning by Earl Weber, who was standing atop the Jax Brewery.

The current in the river caused this accident and caused this tugboat to almost hit the popular Natchez Steamboat, a ferry and the dock in New Orleans.

Amazingly, the captain was able to prevent disaster and according to WWL, the Coast Guard released this statement.

“This incident is under investigation by the Coast Guard. On April 28 at 9:06 a.m. local time, the Coast Guard received a report that the vessel, ROGER L KNIGHT, a U.S. flagged tugboat, was lodged on the levee pilings at Algiers Point below Canal Street Ferry Landing on MM 95 due to high winds the vessel had tied up 24 empty hopper barges, which reportedly struck the main ferry. There was also no damage, injuries or pollution reported vessel advisory issued due to high winds.”

The New Orleans-based television station reports that this incident is under investigation, but anyone near this incident should take a deep breath as this could have been a major disaster.

This is when the ships almost hit the boats and the dock in Cresent City.

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