Italy will supply a new SAMP/T air defense system to Ukraine

The Italian government is preparing a new military aid package for Ukraine, which will include a SAMP/T medium-range air defense system, La Repubblica reported on May 2.

The Italian newspaper said the air defense system that Italy plans to supply was deployed in Slovakia. Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico said in March that Rome decided to withdraw the system from his country, without clarifying the reason.

The military aid package will also reportedly include US-made portable Stinger air defense systems, La Repubblica wrote.

The newspaper reported that the package should be presented at the upcoming summit of the Group of Seven, the G7, in Italy, which will start on June 13.

Italy has only five SAMP/T batteries. Last year it delivered a system to Ukraine in collaboration with France. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the system has been destroyed.

The air defense system, developed by France-based Eurosam, is armed with Aster-30 radar homing interceptors originally developed for naval vessels with a range of up to 120 kilometers. The system uses the ARABEL multi-function fire control X-band radar from THALES, which according to South Front has a range of 100 kilometers.