NCIS: Hawaii Season 3 Episode 10 Video: ‘Divided We Conquer’

NCIS: Hawaii season 3
Photo: CBS

Monday evening will bring you NCIS: Hawaii season 3, episode 10, and we’re definitely excited to see it. Is much of our sentiment marred by the cancellation and/or frustration with CBS? Certainly, especially since so much of this feels like it’s about money, even if the ratings remain pretty strong.

But despite feeling angry and/or emotional, we don’t want to lose sight of the fact that the producers have put together something pretty awesome this season with a lot of interesting arcs in a short amount of time. The “Divided We Conquer” finale is absolutely worth watching, even if for no other reason than to support the writers, actors and crew who put everything into this. Also to satisfy our own curiosity.

Did Sam Hanna survive what happened to Cruz at the end of episode 9, and is Compound These are the questions the finale hopes to answer, and you can see some insight in this episode’s sneak peeks here.

The good news, at least in the time period expressed in the previews, is that Sam is still alive. Not only that, but it seems that Jane and the rest of the team are desperate to stop Compound X from releasing countless lives.

One of the previews shows Lucy snapping at Whistler – is this something to worry about? We don’t think so. She’s just incredibly stressed and moments later realizes she had a misguided reaction to her. Conflicts happen in every relationship, and we often hope that they will end the episode on a good note. (We still want to imagine that we could have seen an engagement or at least more backstory for them in season 4.)

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