Worlds: An Edmonton journalist sees Nick Suzuki’s refusal as a “mistake

This Friday marks the start of the World Hockey Championships in the Czech Republic. Kaiden Guhle will defend the Canadian colors, as will Cole Caufield for the United States and ultimately Juraj Slafkovský for Slovakia.

For Austria, Habs hopeful Vinzenz Rohrer will be there, while David Reinbacher will not be there. In Reinbacher’s case, it has been up in the air for a few days.

That said, Nick Suzuki’s case has been the talk of the town in recent weeks. Michel Bergeron was reluctant to turn down the invitation, especially with the major international competitions looming.

But in reality, we suspected he had a good reason… and ultimately we’re inclined to think his recent engagement had something to do with it.

On the other hand, it doesn’t seem to please Edmonton journalist Jim Matheson(who made headlines a few years ago when he got into a verbal altercation with Leon Draisaitl), who describes the Habs captain’s decision as a “mistake”.

But it didn’t stop there: when someone brought up that Suzuki probably wanted to take some time off, Matheson didn’t seem particularly happy with the answer:

Rest for what? He’s a hockey player. –Jim Matheson

Matheson then ended his rant on the subject by saying that if the Habs were in the playoffs, Suzuki would play and he would be happy to do so, but now he’s handling the whole thing differently… and Matheson thinks it scores him points will cost. with the management of the Canadian team.

He is not the first to make this last point.

Of course, in an ideal world, it would have been preferable to see Suzuki participate in the tournament. That said, we’re talking about a player who has never missed a game since the start of his career and is playing huge minutes every game for the Habs.

He has a huge workload during the regular season, and you’d think a little rest would do him some good, especially since he took the opportunity to get engaged.

Could this ultimately cost him a spot on the Canadian team in a major international competition? Possibly, but if Suzuki takes advantage of his offseason to return to 100% next year and dominate 82 games again, he will have let his game speak for itself in a different way.

And at least Nick Suzuki isn’t a Swiss player, so he won’t be automatically ruled out of future international competitions simply because he missed one like Lian Bischel. If that had been the case, it might have been called a “mistake,” but in Suzuki’s case it seems callous.

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