Suspension of Alaska Division of Forestry & Fire Protection Burn Permits for May 4, 2024 – Alaska Wildland Fire Information

The DOF Delta Area Office suspends fire permits in the Delta area on Saturday, May 4, due to high winds. The suspensions will remain in effect until the weather changes. The burning of rubble or the use of a fire barrel is prohibited. Please note that cooking and heating fires are still permitted, but extreme caution must be exercised due to the high risk of wildfires if an ember escapes or a fire is left unattended or not completely extinguished.

Visit or call the burn permit hotline 907-895-5483 for the most current updates.

Fairbanks and Delta are in a high and very high fire danger level, which means outdoor fires are dangerous and fires can easily start from any cause. New fires will spread quickly and with increasing intensity. Fires in light or dead fuels will quickly exhibit high intensity characteristics. Firefighting and cleanup will require an extensive and thorough effort.

Red Flag Warning in effect May 4 for Delta Junction and Eastern Alaska Range N. of Trims Camp

State law requires that those wishing to conduct open burning on state, private and municipal lands from April 1 through August 31 must obtain burning permits from the Alaska Division of Forestry & Fire Protection, online or at your local DOF office. This includes burning brush piles, using burn barrels, burning agricultural land, and burning maintained lawns. Burn permits are NOT required for camping, cooking or heating fires with a diameter of less than three feet and a flame length of less than two feet in height. However, this is not recommended during windy days or when and where there are red flag warnings.

More information about the forestry permit program and suspensions can also be found at

For updated information on DOF Burn Permits, please call the DOF Area Offices hotline:

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