Caitlin Clark Embraces Touching Moment With Fans During WNBA Debut (Watch)

Caitlin Clark was unable to get off the field quickly after the preseason game on May 3 because a tunnel of fans wanted her autograph on the way out.

The Indiana Fever rookie superstar guard signed as much memorabilia as he could on his way to the locker room after a 79-76 loss to the Dallas Wings. Clark started at the baseline wearing an orange WNBA girls jersey and made his way through the crowd in a video that was viewed 242,600 times and count by May 4.

“I think the fans are always … they’re what makes women’s basketball so much fun,” Clark told reporters after the game. “I think it’s only grown in recent years.”

“And you know, for them to come out and support me in my first WNBA game is really special, not just for myself, but for both teams on the court,” Clark added. “They see how good this product is.”

Clark had 21 points on 6-15 shooting with three rebounds, two assists and two steals in 28 minutes of action. She had a chance to tie the game at the buzzer, but ultimately missed her 25-foot three-pointer.

“And I mean, you couldn’t really ask for a better game. Because women’s basketball wants to start this year with a great high-stakes game (and) both teams competing,” Clark said. “And you know what, that becomes the story of the whole year.”

Caitlin Clark: ‘That’s what you expect’

Despite it being a preseason game, Arlington’s College Park Center had a capacity of 7,000 fans that night. The Fever will return to the preseason field on May 9 at home against the Atlanta Dream.

“The crowd was great all night. That’s what you expect at a sale,” Clark said. “That will be the same for the public all year round. So whether they’re cheering for you or cheering against you, you better get used to it.

The interest in Clark’s preseason debut stemmed from her growing fame during her recent college career at Iowa. Her dynamic play carried the Hawkeyes to consecutive Final Four appearances, and Clark captured the all-time NCAA scoring record along the way.

“My biggest goal tonight was to be myself, have fun playing basketball, be aggressive – I thought that was what I did. So I think I have a lot to be proud of,” Clark said.

Caitlin Clark was immersed in her first WNBA game

Clark was engrossed in her first game as a pro. It took a long time for Clark to list playing in the WNBA as one of her goals in grade school, which she shared on the TODAY show in April.

“It is very special to put on your jersey for a real match for the first time. . . . It’s a big milestone for someone who always dreamed of playing in the WNBA,” Clark told reporters on May 3.

For her first WNBA shot and basket, she electrified the crowd with a deep three-pointer in the first quarter.

“I was able to get a pretty clean look for my first take,” Clark said. “It’s always fun to see your first shot when you’re a shooter.”