Ryan McMahon MLB Player Prop Betting Sunday vs Pittsburgh Pirates 5/5/2024

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Game: Colorado Rockies vs. Pittsburgh Pirates

Hits prop: 1 – More than (+175) Less than (-235)

Total Bases (TB) Prop Deployment: 1 – More than (+105) Less than (-135)

The Colorado Rockies and Ryan McMahon will air on Rockies.TV on Sunday, May 5, 2024, as they take on the Pittsburgh Pirates. If you want to bet on McMahon’s player prop bets, they open at 1 total base and 1 base knock.

Ryan McMahon Season Stats

Looking at his discipline at the plate, Ryan McMahon is averaging 1.2 SOs and 0.6 walks per outing. McMahon’s total for ribbies so far this year is 18, and he has hit 114 different times (19 free passes and 38 K’s). He appeared at the plate 114 times during the campaign and collected 36 basehits. His slug rate this season is .491 and he has an OPS of .899. McMahon owns a .316 batting average and has a .407 OBP. Through 31 games, he is averaging 4.4 plate appearances per game, 1.2 hits and 1.8 total bases on the campaign.

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Ryan McMahon Career Stats

Ryan McMahon is contributing 3.7 plate appearances per outing (0.8 hits and 1.4 total bases) and has an OPS of .758 in his career so far. McMahon has produced 385 one-baggers, 132 two-base hits and 10 three-base hits in his professional baseball career. When it’s his turn, Ryan McMahon has amassed 108 round trippers during his MLB career, totaling 1,111 bases and 24 stolen bases. Ryan McMahon has 788 appearances under his belt and has 351 runs scored, plus 370 runs batted in during his professional baseball career. Looking at his discipline at the plate, Ryan McMahon is averaging 1.1 SOs and 0.4 walks per outing in his professional baseball career. His BA stands at .246 and he is hitting the bases at a .327 rate during his MLB career.

Ryan McMahon Last 5 Matches

Opponent Hits Total bases Walks Deletions
Miami Marlins 0 0 2 3
Miami Marlins 1 2 2 0
Miami Marlins 3 5 0 1
Houston Astros 1 1 0 2
Houston Astros 1 4 1 1

Ryan McMahon vs. the Pittsburgh Pirates

He has walked 13 times while facing the Pirates, and has collected 33 whiffs. Through 102 at-bats, he has collected 30 hits, 14 runs scored and 11 ribeyes in his career while facing the Pittsburgh Pirates. McMahon’s total for one-baggers when playing against the Pirates stands at 19, and he has produced 9 two-hits. McMahon’s on-base average is .374, and he has a slugging percentage of .431. He has an OPS of .805 and is a .294 hitter thus far in his professional baseball career playing for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Colorado Rockies Last 5 Games

The Rockies OBP is at .228 over the last five games and they are the owners of a slug rate of .230. McMahon is responsible for 11.6% of their PAs over the course of the last five games while averaging 3.7 per outing. He has recorded 18.2% of the Rockies’ hits and contributes 25.5% of their total bases. They are averaging 5.5 hits per game and bringing home 2.8 runs scored in their last 5 games.

Ryan McMahon Last 10 Matches

McMahon has been at the plate 45 times (10 hits and 14 K’s) and is batting .283 in his last 10 appearances. While playing offense, McMahon has collected 3 runs scored on top of 7 RBI and 2 big flies. His slugging percentage sits at .623 and he has batted at a .397 on base rate in his last 10 outings. Ryan McMahon has collected 0 2Bs in his last 10 games, along with 5 extra bags and 19 TBs. He has racked up 19 ABs on top of 1 three-bagger and 5 one-baggers over his last 10 games. In his last ten games, he is averaging 1.0 hits per game, 3.6 trips to the batter’s box and 1.9 total bases.

Guy Bruhn’s pick: Take the fewer than total bases (-135)

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