University of California Berkeley opens investigation into confrontation between professor and pro-Palestinian student: REPORT

Catherine Fisk (X)Catherine Fisk (X)
Catherine Fisk (X)
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The University of California Berkeley opened an investigation into a law professor after a video of her blocking a pro-Palestinian student from speaking about the war in Gaza at a private event was circulated online, according to NBC News.

Catherine Fisk, a professor of civil rights law at UC Berkeley School of Law, and her husband were hosting a private event in their backyard on April 9 when law student Malak Afaneh stood up and started talking into a microphone about the Muslim holiday of Ramadan and the war in Gaza, according to NBC News.

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The video shows Fisk taking the microphone and putting her arm around Afaneh while telling her to leave, prompting the university to investigate the matter after Afaneh complained she was being discriminated against.

“It was reported that on April 9, 2024, during a dinner for UC Berkeley Law School students held at Defendant’s off-campus residence, Defendant physically grabbed you, attempted to forcibly take your cell phone and microphone from your hand and asked you to leave a university event when you began speaking in support of Palestine and about Ramadan,” the university’s Office for Civil Rights wrote in a document to Afaneh confirming the investigation, according to NBC News.

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Afeneh claimed the situation was an example of “clear Islamophobia” and claimed Fisk had tried to remove her because of her pro-Palestinian beliefs, according to NBC News. However, after the incident, another video showed Fisk telling Afaneh: “We agree with you about what is happening in Palestine.”

Erwin Chemerinsky, Fisk’s husband, who is also Jewish, called the incident “ugly and divisive,” according to NBC News.

According to NBC News, Afeneh is also one of the top leaders of the encampment at the university in protest of the school’s ties to Israel. Afeneh told Dylan Bouscher, a Reuters reporter, that the protesters demanded that the school “end their silence” and call for an end to “Israel’s genocidal campaign,” and that they financially divest from companies linked with Israel, a report said. video posted on X, formerly known as Twitter.

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Protests have erupted across the country and many schools have arrested hundreds of students in an attempt to break up encampments that have occupied campuses for weeks.

UC Berkeley and Fisk did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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