Ranina fourth round with ten languages ​​begins!

The fourth round of RaninaGeorgia’s selection method for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, started tonight by asking the first five of the ten hopefuls to sing a song in a non-native language.

This week, five of the participants sang songs in Swahili, English, Spanish, Italian and Ukrainian, an important test for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, because historically many countries insert non-native lyrics into their songs to appeal to foreign televoters.

Barbara Morgoshia started the evening by performing “Khadja Nin (Simba),” written by Nicolas Fiszman, in Swahili, earning a perfect 120. Mate Martiashvili performed “Black Bird” by Paul McCartney in English, completing his Ranina campaign at 116 points.

Giorgi Shashiashvili sang Julio Cesar’s “Al Monte” in Spanish, earning 115 points. Andria Putkaradze performed Josh Groban’s “Cinema Paradiso” in Italian and earned a perfect score of 120.

Marta Nozadze sang the Ukrainian folk song “Malanka” and earned 116 points.

Heading into the second part of the fourth round of the next episode, here are the scores so far:

  • Andria Putkaradze: 117 + 120 + 120 + 120 = 477
  • Barbara Morgoshia: 116 + 120 + 120 + 120 = 476
  • Mate Martiashvili: 114 + 120 + 120 + 116 = 470
  • Marta Nozadze: 114 + 120 + 118 + 116 = 468
  • Giorgi Shashiashvili: 113 + 120 + 120 + 115 = 468
  • Anastasia Iremadze: 119 + 120 + 120 = 359
  • Sandro Ashotia: 118 + 120 + 120 = 358
  • Sandro Gurgenadze: 118 + 120 + 120 = 358
  • Andria Mishvelidze: 120 + 120 + 118 = 358
  • Ia Lachelle: 117 + 120 + 118 = 355

The guest judge of this round is Tinatin Rukhadze, director of the Tbilisi National Palace. She joined regular judges Dato Evgenidze and NATO Metonidze on the panel.

Each participant can potentially earn a maximum of 120 points per round. There are 10 points available for each judge in the four judging categories: singing, performance, artistry and collaboration.

The five competitors with the highest scores after four tours (usually spread over eight weeks) advance to the semi-finals, where the top three advance to the grand final.

Presented by David Aladashvili, featuring Ranina 2022 finalist Vache Ghviniashvili as co-host and green room interviewer, this is the seventh time Ranina will be used to select Georgia’s representative in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. The song is usually released just before the European Broadcasting Union deadline, with the songwriter selected internally (more often than not, it’s JESC-winning songwriter Giga Kukhianidze).

Georgia’s best performance in the Ranina era is Mariam Bigvava, who came third at Junior Eurovision 2022 with “I Believe,” a year after Niko Kajaia’s fourth place with “Let’s count the Smiles.”

Last year, 1TV shook up the formula a bit by pairing Season 6 winner Anastasia Vasadze with Season 5 finalists Nikoloz Kharati and Oto Bazerashvlili in “Over the Sky.” Georgia finished in 14th place, equaling the lowest ever placement of Giorgi Rotiashvili’s 2019 ‘We Need Love’.

Overall, Georgia has tied France for the most wins among Junior Eurovision countries, with three wins (all Kukhianidze compositions) in 2008, 2011 and 2016.

Tune Ranina in two weeks on Saturday, May 18, 2024 for the second half of the fourth round on 1TV Georgia.

Now that the fourth round is halfway through, which of these ten hopefuls #YOU think has what it takes to win a fourth JESC crown for Georgia? Let us know in the comments, on our forum or on our social media.