Ricky Council IV looks back on the ‘wild’ rookie season with the 76ers

CAMDEN, NJ – Not many undrafted players have been able to do what Ricky Council IV did with the Philadelphia 76ers in the 2023-2024 season. On a team with championship aspirations, the undrafted rookie proved he is worth keeping going forward.

Council’s rookie season was, he said, “wild.” He started out as a regular with the Delaware Blue Coats, the Sixers’ minor league affiliate, before injuries kept him in Philly and then pushed him into a rotation spot. With the opportunities he got to play real minutes, he established himself as “a dog” and earned a multi-year standard contract.

“And at the end of the day, I don’t know where I would be without the G League,” he said. “It assisted me a lot. An Iot by repetitions, a lot by work down over there. It assisted to build Mine to trust each time. It assisted to build Mine to trust Unpleasant to go upwards here oneNL It used to be Also shame other way around. Each time I used to be upwards here for a while And went back down over there, It made stuff easier. So it used to be just going full circle.”

Council played just 32 games for the 76ers in the 2023-24 season, but made a big impact when he got real minutes. He posted a double-double against the Washington Wizards (19 points on 7-13 FG shooting, 10 rebounds) to secure a win. He played the entire fourth quarter and both overtimes in a win over the San Antonio Spurs (11 points on 4-5 shooting, four steals, three assists). Throughout the season he applied constant pressure to the rim and defended a variety of opponents.

Despite being used in different contexts throughout the season, the 22-year-old winger remained ready and played hard every time.

Ricky Council IV impressed 76ers in rookie season

The Council identified Tobias Harris as a veteran who was “very big for me” and provided advice that pointed him in the right direction. Most vets, the Council noted, simply buy things for beginners. Harris was not much of a leader, although he had recently purchased a Goyard travel bag for the Council.

He gets a lot by hate And I not know Where It comes of,” Council said of Harris. “He’s a real Good person.

Tyrese Maxey also received praise from the Council for his work ethic. It’s something Council has always been proud of, but can now look to his teammates for more motivation. Jeff Dowtin Jr. said Council’s work ethic was “very noticeable” among the team and that he “just wants to be great.”

Honing one part of the game and seeing it pay off on the field only fuels the already non-stop engine. Council firmly believes that persistent practice will eventually manifest itself. “The work to work, for for sure,” he said.

Early in his tenure with the 76ers, Council’s athleticism was evident. But his shooting was a huge work in progress. He remembers how hesitant he was to shoot in Summer League and now claims he likes to let shots fly with one eye closed.

“IT Real comes by trust,” he said.Bee this point, I am to shoot the ball great – ssurprising myself bee time Unpleasant just now think about the grow.”

Toure’ Murry, assistant coach for player development, has spent a lot of time this season working with Council, fellow undrafted rookie Terquavion Smith and Dowtin, who was also signed to a standard contract after a period of a two-way deal. After watching the 76ers lose to the New York Knicks in the first round of the playoffs, Council said he and Murry — who sees himself more as a big brother than a coach — plan to revisit aspects of that hard-fought series to implement in the game of Council.

“Being on the couch is not all bad, special as a newcomer,” the Council said. “Jold to get Unpleasant to learn And watch a many a lot by stuff That work, a lot of things That not work. I saw That this series. Me and T-Murry do go to get Unpleasant work on That stuff We saw. So I am excited for That.”

One of the skills the Council noted was Jalen Brunson’s ability to make mistakes. Council already showed an impressive ability to get to the foul line in his rookie year, with a free throw percentage of .634. That puts him 10 points higher than teammate Joel Embiid, whose tendency to get to the foul line is always a talking point among aggrieved fans. But the frequency with which Brunson did so (shooting 48 free throws in the last four games) caught Council’s attention.

While Brunson is a small, ground-bound guard and Council is a wing who can dunk with the best of them, the 76ers rookie doesn’t look to just one player, or even a position group, as a model for how to develop his game.

“I not just now watch An person,” the Council said, “(because) tchicken they are go are Nice findscary, Ricky Plays like it X of a small bit by Y And a small bit by Z And maybe a small A, at.’ So, that is always been me: big on versatility.”

As Ricky Council IV begins his first offseason of NBA experience, the goal is the same as a year ago: grow as a player and prove he can be a difference-maker.