Bulgaria’s ‘mysterious’ mobile phone number has been suspended after three users died prematurely after using it

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Sofia, May 4: The mystery surrounding the Bulgarian mobile phone number +359 888 888 888 has been deepened by a series of disturbing incidents involving its previous owners. According to a 2010 Daily Mail report, three people in this number died young, giving rise to rumors and superstition. Vladimir Grashnov, the former CEO of Bulgarian mobile operator Mobitel, was the first person to connect to this number. At the age of 48, Grashnov succumbed to cancer in 2001. The incident led to rumors that his illness was the result of radioactive poisoning, for which a rival company was reportedly responsible. Loch Ness Monster caught on camera? British holidaymaker believes he has spotted ‘Nessie’ when he captured the mysterious black shape in the waters of Loch in the Scottish Highlands.

A series of eerie events followed Grashnov’s death

After Grashnov’s death, the song was taken over by a suspected mafia named Konstantin Dimitrov. In 2003, Dimitrov was tragically murdered during an inspection of his drug smuggling activities in the Netherlands. It is said that the murder was committed by members of the Russian mafia who were jealous of Dimitrov’s success.

Subsequently, the unfortunate number was bought by a questionable-looking businessman named Konstantin Dishliev. In 2005, Dishliev suffered a similar fate after being shot dead outside a restaurant in Sofia, Bulgaria. Dishliev was reportedly part of a major cocaine trafficking ring, which ultimately contributed to his death. Travel Tip of the Week: Know about India’s mysterious Hide and Seek Beach in Odisha.

Mysterious mobile phone number is suspended

Today, when someone tries to call the number, he or she will receive a message stating that the phone is ‘out of network coverage’. The company that owns the number, Mobitel, declined to comment, saying they do not discuss specific numbers, as reported by Daily Mail. However, the enigmatic past of +359 888 888 888 has been the subject of debate among people in Bulgaria, leading many to wonder if these sad events are the result of pure coincidence or if there are other forces behind them.

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