Canton Coverup Part 344: More photos emerge of Katie McLaughlin partying with Caitlin Albert after she testifies she barely knows her

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We first reported in part 44 from the Canton Coverup series, Canton firefighter Katie McLaughlin, the only firefighter mentioned in the charging documents, told police she heard Karen Read say, “I did it, I did it,” in front of a girlfriend (Jen McCabe or Kerry Roberts), and a police officer (Officer Saraf), is a personal friend of Caitlin Albert, Brian Albert’s daughter. We posted this photo of her on the beach with Caitlin:

This photo of them in a group:

And this photo of Caitlin Albert’s Venmo friends, including McLaughlin:

On Thursday and Friday, McLaughlin testified against Karen Read, saying that not only did she hear Karen Read say, “I hit him, I hit him,” but that Read did so in the presence of an unknown woman and an unknown officer, who reportedly responded to this confession by Sgt. Good to hit the spot. There is nothing in an officer’s report about this event, and under cross-examination, McLaughlin admitted to Alan Jackson that her story has “evolved” over time.

The defense then confronted this lying witness with the images that first appeared on TB Daily News. Unfortunately, the jury was removed from the courtroom and the footage was not admitted into evidence by Judge Cannone, despite the fact that it affected the credibility of the witness. (This doesn’t bode well for establishing the relationship between the Proctors and McAlberts, since so many of their photos come from Facebook).

During her testimony, McLaughlin said she went to high school with “someone named Caitlin Albert,” who was just an acquaintance, and that they simply had mutual friends from high school. She claimed that she did not know anyone else in the Albert family, including Brian Albert, and that she had “no recollection” and “no recollection” of ever being in Albert’s home. She said she had no idea where or when the photos I published were taken. She could not remember which beach the photos were taken on and claimed she had never been on holiday with the people in the photos. She said that of the 500 friends on her social media, she was probably only real friends with 10 of them.

But since she gave this disastrous testimony, more and more photos of McLaughlin and Caitlin Albert together have emerged. Here they are in 2016 (two years after graduating high school together), drinking beer in a hot tub in Frenchman’s Hole, Maine (which is a 3-4 hour drive from Canton).

I can’t say I’ve ever been on a trip to Maine with someone I wasn’t friends with. Here’s another photo from that same trip to Maine in 2016, with both Caitlin and Katie.

That trip in late July was apparently their second vacation together that month. On the Fourth of July, they were partying on Pepponesset Island in Mashpee, just a few weeks earlier.

Maybe she could say she had a mutual friend during the holidays in Maine, but not for both of them.

Here they are again next year (2017) on a beach holiday with ‘mutual friends’.

None of these images have a date, but you get what I mean.

They also ran cross country together in high school.

Cross Country is a close-knit sport because everyone on the team runs the same event and does the same training. Most people don’t stay friends with the kids they went cross-country with in high school, but Katie and Caitlin partied together for years after they graduated.

Katie McLaughlin admitted to telling other firefighters that Karen Read said, “I hit him, I hit him,” and Tim Nuttal testified that the case is a daily topic at the firehouse. She started the rumor and is probably the reason all those other firefighters echoed what she said. None of them told police they confessed to killing a man until they spoke to Michael Proctor. All their stories “evolved” over time, and all their testimonies are contradicted by police reports.

Katie McLaughlin is not just a liar, she is a very bad person. It takes a very, very cold person to lie about what a woman said during a murder trial, especially if it increases the chance that they will be convicted of a crime they didn’t commit. She lies to protect her close friend Caitlin Albert, whose family would be torn apart if Karen Read were not put on trial. She was completely exposed and no matter what she does with the rest of her life, THIS is what she will be remembered for. I hope the McAlberts were worth it.

One thing is certain: her testimony helps Karen Read enormously. And if Alan Jackson can do this with a small player like Katie McLaughlin, imagine what he’ll do with Jennifer McCabe and Colin Albert.