WRKO’s Jeff Kuhner leads profanity-laced rally at State House

Hundreds gathered outside the State House Saturday for a rally where a local conservative radio host railed against migrants in Massachusetts. (Chris Van Buskirk/Boston Herald)

A local conservative radio host went on multiple profanity-laced diatribes against Gov. Maura Healey, Beacon Hill Democrats and migrants arriving in Massachusetts during a Saturday rally outside the State House that drew hundreds of people.

WRKO’s Jeff Kuhner criticized the local media — including the Herald and its columnist Howie Carr — railed against Republicans in charge of the MassGOP, asked his supporters to start “harassing members of Congress,” and called on state legislators to repeal the state’s right-to -shelter law, which serves as the legal basis for the emergency shelter system.

As the rally was starting, Kuhner liked Democrats in the Legislature to “traitors” for voting down an amendment from House Minority Leader Brad Jones to the chamber’s fiscal year 2025 budget that would have prioritized veterans on waitlists for state-run family shelters.

“They put the priorities and needs of foreigners, of people who have no right and no business being in our country, ahead of our homeless vets,” he said. “… I gotta say this from the bottom of my heart, from the bottom of my heart to Maura Healey… to the Democrats, to the craven RINO establishment. You want me to say it? F— you.”