A ‘cursed’ mobile number has been suspended in Bulgaria after three users died while using it

Many eerie events have happened in the world for which there is virtually no explanation. So they remain a source of mystery for people all over the world. One such mystery revolves around a cursed Bulgarian mobile phone number: +359 888 888 888. According to a report published in the Daily Mail in 2010, three people used this number and died after using it. Now this song has been suspended.

The first owner of this number was Vladimir Grashnov, the former CEO of the Bulgarian mobile phone company Mobitel. This company had issued the number +359 888 888 888. Vladimir died of cancer in 2001 at the age of 48. There were rumors that his cancer was caused by a trading competitor who used radioactive poisoning, the Daily Mail reported.

This number was then passed on to Bulgarian mafia boss Konstantin Dimitrov. Dimitrov was shot by an assassin in the Netherlands in 2003 while on a trip to inspect his drug smuggling empire. According to reports, the total value of his empire was 500 million pounds. The 31-year-old mafia boss had the cellphone with him when he was shot while having dinner with a model. According to reports, Russian mafia bosses, jealous of Dimitrov’s drug smuggling operation, were behind the murder.

The telephone number was then passed on to corrupt businessman and broker Konstantin Dishliev. As fate would have it, Dishilev was also shot dead outside an Indian restaurant in the Bulgarian capital Sofia. His murder took place in 2005 while he was taking over the cursed lineage, the report said. According to the reports, Dishliev had secretly run a large-scale cocaine smuggling operation before his murder. He died after £130 million of the drug was intercepted by police while entering the country from Colombia.

Now when callers call this number, they get a recorded message stating that the phone is “out of network coverage.” A spokesperson for Mobitel said: “We have no comment. We will not discuss individual numbers.”

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