Did Buc-ee just explore this field for a new store in Missouri?

Last year, Buc-ee’s opened their very first Missouri location in Springfield. It looks like they’re not done with just that one store yet, as there’s a confirmed report that they just resurveyed some land in Missouri.

Good catch by KMBC in Kansas City, who reported that there is an online record showing that Buc-ee registered a “tentative plat” of this parcel in the Kansas City, Missouri area.

Google Maps Street View

Google Maps Street View

This is an area where 110th Street meets Interstate 70 in the Kansas City area, right next to the Kansas Speedway. If you think about it, that’s a perfect spot for a new Buc-ee’s since it’s close to the most traveled section of I-70 and will be a convenient stop for NASCAR fans going to and from the annual race. Wonder if they’ll wear Chase Elliott t-shirts? (Ask for a friend)

In an interesting twist, Kansas Speedway reportedly owns this lot that Buc-ee’s is eyeing. I wonder if a racing partnership is imminent?

I have to admit something quickly. Technically this land is (barely) in Kansas, but since I deeply believe that Missouri should annex the entire Kansas portion of Kansas City, it’s just a technicality.

This is obviously very early in the process of a new Buc-ee’s coming to Missouri (or at least close), but it’s exciting that America’s most popular grocery chain sees Missouri as a growth area.

At the time of writing this, I have not seen any confirmation from Buc-ee that they will actually build on this land. I’ll be happy to update as soon as they do.

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