Lutticken’s Deli & After 5 Restaurant has been named Small Business of the Year in Senate District 13

Through Linda Hubbard on May 4, 2024

On Friday, May 3, State Senator Josh Becker (D-Menlo Park) walked from his office next to Lutticken’s with a large sign under his arm. Once there, he presented it to Bob Lutticken, recognizing the old deli as the 2024 Small Business of the Year in Senate District 13.

In making the presentation, he said, “Lutticken’s has been a fixture in Menlo Park for more than 40 years and has distinguished itself with a long history of supporting the community, whether it’s donating food to local veterans, sponsoring local sports teams, feeding the homeless and hungry, or providing assistance to those in need during the pandemic. Luttickins is the place where our neighbors come together to celebrate, relax and eat delicious food.

Here is the full text of the Senate resolution:

“WHEREAS, The California Small Business Association celebrates California Small Business Day™ in partnership with the California State Legislature, and in recognition of its support of the community, its steadfast commitment to customer service and high business ethics, and invaluable contributions to the state’s robust and California’s dynamic economy, Lutticken’s Deli & After 5 Restaurant, will be honored as the 13th Senatorial District’s 2024 Small Business of the Year, in recognition of which the business and its owner, Bob Lutticken, deserve special public kudos; And

“WHEREAS, small businesses play a critical role in improving the economic well-being of the State of California by creating new business and employment opportunities, bringing unique and innovative services and products to market, supporting key industry sectors, revitalizing communities and the diverse needs of California residents; And

WHEREAS, Lutticken’s Deli & After 5 Restaurant, a fixture in the Menlo Park community for more than 40 years, supports the local community by donating food to Street Life Ministries and St. Francis Center in support of their efforts to help the homeless and hungry feed people, and during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic it raised more than $6,000 to provide additional support to locals in need; And

“WHEREAS, in addition to partnering with Peninsula Covenant Church to provide donated food to local veterans in need, Lutticken’s Deli & After 5 Restaurant also supports youth sports by sponsoring teams in Little League baseball and other local organizations; And

“WHEREAS, Lutticken’s Deli & After 5 Restaurant, by contributing to the success and sustainability of the Menlo Park business community and improving the welfare of local residents, has exemplified the highest and best qualities of beneficial commerce and community involvement and a strong sense of pride in the individuals with which it is associated; so now so be it

“SIGNED BY SENATOR JOSH BECKER, Taking great pleasure in congratulating Lutticken’s Deli & After 5 Restaurant and its owner, Bob Lutticken, on being selected as the 13th Senatorial District’s 2024 Small Business of the Year; commends the country for providing valuable services to the people of the area and contributing to the growth of the California economy; and applauds its history of community support.”

Photos by Robb Most (ca) 2024. Pictured with the Senator and Bob is Judy Congdon, a former Lutticiken employee. County Supervisor (and Menlo Park resident) Ray Mueller stopped by to congratulate Bob.